Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Kayleigh!!

I meant to post this yesterday! but i forgot!

Happy Birthday to Kayleigh Danielle Brock (1 day late becuase your aunt Jen has prego brain!)

Look how cute you were the day you were born you little burrito! I LOVE YOU!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Turtle on its back

I just bent down to reach under the tv stand to get my dogs toy out from under it for him.. in the process I sat down and then could not get up..

seriously.. is it time for Ethan to get here yet?

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am slack... update time!

WOW I haven't blogged since April 29. Yikes.
Ok update time *with lots of pics*!!!

WARNING: This is going to be entirely random!

I promised I would post pics from the baby shower in Clemson.. so here are a few:

Some of my sorority sisters and I at the shower =)

A whale of a bath tub =)

Obviously Baby Ethan is a Tiger fan already!!

**Thanks to Rachie for the pics!

Ok what else has happened...

The Capitals are out of the race for the Stanley Cup now.. and while I love the caps .. them being in the playoffs causes me to win the wife of the year award multiple times.
You might remember my post here.. Well it goes to me again because for some unknown reason the capitals like to take over my husbands life. and on one particular night of the Stanley Cup playoffs.. my husband may or may not have gotten entirely too intoxicated at the bar with his friends came home vomitted on the floor, broke my cell phone, and ruined his favorite caps tshirt. He is lucky I love him.

All in all we have been married almost 3 months and I love it. Even when we lived together I never knew how much I would really love being married to him.

(This pic was taken by my fabulous liTTle sister Lydia )

We also had another baby shower with Scott's family thrown by my fabulous mom, mother in law Barbara T, and cousin Jenny I haven't gotten the pics from my momma yet but I will post them when I get them.. here is a pic of me though.. look how huge I am! (This pic was taken by Scott and I's amazing cousin Jessie.. and I have no idea why I can't get it to flip!)

Can we tell I don't take my own pics?

What else? Childbirth classes= dunzo. I will be 34 weeks prego this Wedesday and Ethan will be here so soon! I hope these next 6 weeks go by fast!! Here is a pic of his crib in his nursery.. when it is finished I will post more!

Babys need a lot of stuff that is for sure. Our house is started to look like Babies R Us but lucky for me hubster has been super great about putting everything together. Here he is putting together the bassinet.. and Jackson is helping.. obviously

I also went back to Clemson to see Jess graduate! Im so proud of her and all my other Clemson Grads!! Look at my little graduate!!

I'm sure other things have happened but those are the highlights!

I will be a better blogger.. and thus here is my weekend recap!

Friday: I made yummy chicken enchiladas and spanish rice for dinner and then Scott and I took Jackson to our cousin Kevin's baseball game!

Saturday: We went to our friend's Tony and Heather's housewarming party and then over to Scott's parents to eat crabs and hang out. Here is when Scott decided that he was going to start a pool for when the baby is going to come. Our families are way too into it! but the winnings look like they will be substaintal!

Sunday: We helped our cousin Bobby move out of his parents house (well I didn't help.. I supervised) and then we went to eat at TGIFridays. We then met our friend's Rick and Michelle at the movies to see Star Trek. Not really my type of a movie.. it was a little out there but decent.