Friday, June 12, 2009

Train wreck

So last night I went to the Taylor Swift (love her!!) concert with some peoples.

First of all way too many people told me I looked like I was going to pop.. thanks people.. im 9 months pregnant.. what do you expect? One lady went so far as to tell me she is NOT delivering my baby here at this concert.. lady.. news flash.. i didnt ask you to nor do I want you to..

Second of all.. there were way too many 11-13 year old girls wearing shorts like these:

Praise the Lord that I am having a boy.. but lets be serious if I ever have a girl there is no way they go out of the house looking like a fashion disaster. Or that their daddy lets them go out of the house with cheek showing.

On a nicer note Taylor Swift puts on a majorly good show! She sounds so good live! despite it being a muddy mess it was still a lot of fun!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

True Life: My husband bets on Nerds

No friends that is not a typo.

My husband in all his glory had friends over to place bets on the National Spelling Bee. You had to pay $10 per nerd and he even printed out their biographies for everyone to make the most informed decision possible.

Now, it doesnt sound that bad in theory.. in fact I would say it was even fun. However, my nerd went out very early! and he was apparently one of the favorites to win!! (yes, I am bitter)

It got bad when everyone started trash talking each others nerds. (Since mine went out so early I obvi didnt participate). How exactly does one trash talk spelling bee contestants you ask?

Let's just say it all began with "Your nerd can't even spell nerd". and concluded with a complete analyzation of non verbal behavior. "Did you see the look on her face?! she totally knows that sh!t"

Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? I am almost ashamed to admit that it was.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monopoly! and prego update!

Last night June 1, 2009 I beat my husband in monopoly and I didn't even cheat!

and I am a major loser for annoucing this to the world.. but he always beats me at everything!

In other news... I had my maternity pics taken this weekend by my friend Jenna from high school. It was so good to see and to catch up with her! She took some amazing pictures too (I got a sneak peak) and although I feel like a beached whale lately I will post some soonly!

Speaking of all things prego.. Ethan's nursery is done! and I just have another load of laundry to do for him and I have to pack for the hospital. which my doctor told me to do 2 weeks ago. ooops. Now that its June we are in the serious downhill slide!