Friday, February 27, 2009

Hockey or Soccer?

So I haven't written this week and there is a good reason. I wish I could say that it is because I have been so busy doing last minute preparations for my wedding that is eight that's right, e-i-g-h-t days away. However, that is not the case. I am however feeling very overwhelmed with all there is to do for the wedding. More on that later.

So Tuesday, I am driving home from work when I start to get this pain in my side/belly/back area. Not totally unusual.. I mean I do have another human in there. So I get out of the car at one of my favorite shops. J Pink and Company to pick up somethings I had ordered for my bridesmaids. I do a little bend and stretch hoping that the pain will go away. As I am in the store the pain seems to get worse. But again I'm tough so I can handle it right? I walk back out to the car and call my mom (who was a nurse for 25+ years) and ask her what the hell it could be.. she made sure it wasn't contractions but thinks that I need to go have it checked out anyway. Well at this point I am in tears it hurts so bad. So I call my lovely FH (future hubby) and he tells me to pull over and that he will come get me. This is of course after I freak out on the phone with him. And he takes me to the ER.. NOTE: the ER in the county where we work not the county where we live. I get taken back pretty quickly (by ER standards) but they put me in a pyschiatric room with nothing in the room but a bed because they are so busy. I then sit there.. and sit there and sit there.. in PAIN.. and i mean PAIN.. I have a high pain tolerance but this crap was outta control. It took about 2.5 hours before the nurse told me that they were going to transfer me to OB so they could monitor the baby. 15 minutes later the ER doctor came and saw me and asked me a billion questions and then left telling me that he was going to order me some tests. Lovely. What happened to transfering me to OB?

Well another nurse came to see me (there was a shift change) and started by making me pee in a cup and drawing all this blood and IVing me and what not.. then yet ANOTHER nurse comes in and tells her to stop because she is there to take me for a sonogram and then take me to OB so they can monitor the baby. Then they get into a small fued about why I wasn't taken to OB right way instead of the ER. Well at this point FH is PISSED and i mean PISSED. So hes says something along the lines of "maybe we should stop talking about montioring the baby and leave to go monitor the baby since we have been here for 4 hours and all they keep talking about is monitoring the baby but no one is doing anything about it" mind you he had said some other choice words to nurses and doctors through out our time hanging in the pysch room. but no need to get into all that.

So they finally move me to have the sonogram.. now the ultra sound tech.. she is AWESOME. she scopes the baby all out and Ethan was in there chillin.. (he is still 100% boy by the way) but the baby is totally fine. She then scans my kidneys and bladder and other random organs to see what is causing this pain.. she said she doesn't see anything. and I will reiterate Keep in mind that she said.. she doesn't see ANYTHING. The nurse comes and gets me and takes me to OB (which is a pretty sweet little area) nice beds and tvs and all. She tells me that my urine came back and I have a bladder infection that could be spreading to my kidneys. Really a bladder infection? it doesnt hurt when I pee but whatevs.. I'm just wondering if this finally means they will give me some pain meds. No way! of course not! They give me some antibiotics through the IV and send me home telling me to follow up with my OB. WTF!?

So after a sleepless night because hello PAIN still serious PAIN. I get up first thing in the morning and call and get an appt with my OB. Now Dr. L is amazing. He may be hella far away but he is so great. So my mom comes and gets me (FH is at work) and takes me to see Dr. L. He after a large struggle gets my records from the hosptial.. and sees NO BLADDER OR KIDNEY INFECTION. He gets a urine sample.. and sure enough NO sign! He then examines me and comes to the conclusion that I have a fractured rib.. yes you read that correctly. A FRACTURED RIB. He asked me if I fell or anything (answer was no) so he comes to the conclusion that my son, Ethan Scott Tennyson, has kicked me so hard that it actually cracked my rib. While this is common in pregnancy.. its not common this early. I'm only 22 weeks!

So the real question is... will little Ethan play soccer or hockey?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Put on the Brakes

So this morning on my way to work my Jeep decided to do something funny. and by funny I mean it decided not to stop. So in my hormonal state of course i had a break down.. on who other than my future husband!

Breakdown.. oo that was a pun!

But he calmed me down as usual in my hormonal rage. And then we switched cars. And my brakes worked just fine for him. Surprise Surprise. So now i will drive the big girl truck today! HEMI!!!

haha hope I don't crash. And that my darling dear can fix my Jeep!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Giving Wedding Gifts.. for my wedding?

There are things in this world that I just do not understand. Like why people get in the left lane and then go 15 miles under the speed limit. Or why anyone ever thought spandex were a good idea. But I am currently thinking about all of the extra-ness I have to give out for my own wedding. First of all there is all the tipping.. Caterers, Bartenders, Florists, Officiant, Cake Lady, DJ.. etc etc etc.. Now don't get me wrong. I am not cheap nor is my wedding a cheap affair but seriously I'm already paying thousands of dollars for your services and you want another 20% additional on top of that. You could have just added it in as a service charge and I probably would have never noticed. If you do an expectational good job I have ZERO problem tipping you. However the problem comes when it is expected. What if you service is shitty? Should I still tip you? HELL NO! I will make up my little pre-labeled envelopes with monies in them before the wedding but if you suck SO SORRY! that money will stay in my hot little hand.

Whatever tradition Whatever etiquette. Lets be real here. I am getting married while pregnant.. screw tradition and etiquette.

I do like giving my bridesmaids gifts though. Because they do help a lot. And anyone that has to deal with my hormonal ass through out this process deserves a gift. So I might have gone overboard on those.. a tad.. surprise surprise. However Scott's groomsmen (minus Vince) don't deserve anything.. because they don't do anything. I wish it was like Christmas and you could just give them a bag of coal. On top of the fact that they don't do anything but rent a tux (which was like pulling teeth) and stand up there next to him on the big day.. they are hard to buy for. Which in the end makes me even more pissed about buying them anything at all.

As for parents.. they deserve something. I don't know what but something. I mean my parents have to not only put up with me through the whole thing but also shell out the big $$$ for this whole extravaganza. I am very appreciative and i love them dearly however a handkerchief that says "Dad- To remember the day you gave me away" or "Mom- to dry your tears as you have always dried mine" just does not cut it.
So with the wedding count down at 18 days.. I will continue to look for a gift that expresses my gratitude.. and I probably won't find it..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day and Baby Update

I have gone back and forth through out my life about whether I have liked Valentine's Day or not. Of course a day reserved for love and blah blah is fabulous.. but when your single it sucks. I haven't been single for Valentine's Day in many years.. I was always at least dating someone. But I think it gives the men of the world an excuse. It is like a special day where they say "Hey I have screwed up a lot but here are some roses because that's what I'm suppose to do today". Sort of a get out of jail free card. That or if they are really stupid they just ignore the day all together and then they wind up in the dog house again. Now for the men out there that are extra sweet and plan lovely dates for their significant others. I applaud you. But I would give you a standing ovation if you did this on a random day out of the year. Not her birthday or valentines day. And I promise your significant other would appreciate it a lot more too.

Scott knows my feelings on Valentine's Day. And he knows that I would rather get flowers on a random day because he was thinking of me and not because it is the 14th of February. So tomorrow to celebrate we are going to meet with our wedding officiant (wedding in 3 weeks AHH!) have lunch, register for baby gifts and probably buy some things for our baby BOY!. We just found out on Wednesday that it is a boy.. when all along I thought it was a girl. But so far so good he is healthy and he was an exhibitionist and showed his stuff for all the world to see.
The ultrasound tech said she doesn't like to say 100% but shes gonna go with 99.9% sure. Looks like a boy to me! We couldn't be more excited. And neither could our families and friends for that matter. We have not decided on a name yet. But one thing is for sure this baby boy will be well dressed! Scott's cousin Jenny has already made the first shopping trip. And among other things we know our child has his first pair of deck shoes.Cute?! yes! I love them! and they are size 0-3 months and perfect for summer even though the little man won't be able to hold his head up much less walk but he will still look stylish. Obviously.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unwanted Advice

So this morning I stopped at Wawa. I often do this in the mornings to get a beverage on my way into work. My newest kick is Strawberry Milk. Now don't knock it till you have tried it but as an avid strawberry milk drinker for many years I must tell you that the Nestle kind is the best. The bottle yellow and has a bunny on it. Okay to the point..

So I am in line.. and the lady in front of me turns around and says... "OHHHHH you're pregnant" My first thought is.. No shit Sherlock. What gave it away? my elastic pants or the fact that it looks like I have a small melon in my shirt?. But I smiled and told her I was indeed pregnant. Well I would have lied if I would have known what was coming to me. ::crazy lady steps on to soap box here:: and launches into a full fledged speech on cloth diapers. If you dont know about the great cloth diaper vs. disposable diaper debate you can learn more about it here. Now I am not knocking anyone that uses cloth diapers. AND I am all about saving the enviornment however this lady was off her rocker. She paid for her stuff while blabbing.. waitedfor me to pay for my stuff while blabbing.. and then.. followed me to my car where she proceeded to not only continue blabbing but also write down her name and phone number for me if I have any questions.

While I probably wasn't going to use cloth diapers anyway..I am definetly not going to use them now. All thanks to you crazy cloth diaper woman.

About Me

Let's see here.
I'm 23. Engaged (getting married in 3 weeks). Pregnant (having a baby BOY due July 1). Clemson University Graduate (B.A. in Communications)Working Full Time (Director of Marketing). In Graduate School Part Time (getting my M.A.T). Living in Southern MD (country suburbia USA). Living with my Fiance (and our Dog Jackson).

A Few Things I Love: nail dates with my mom, shopping, Bed Bath & Beyond, Clemson EVERYTHING, NY Giants, Margaritas, Naps, TV, Target, J.Crew, Gamma Phi Beta, Family, Friends, and obviously Life!!

Here I hope to write about life as I finish preparing for my wedding, start to prepare for my baby boy.. and eventually life as a newlywed and mom. It is a very exciting time in my life. And I don't want to forget it.