Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to work..

So last week was like a whirl wind.. but I have a new job that I LOVE.  I will be working with children that have autism. And it is pretty close to my dream job right now. I get to help children AND it is only part-time so I still get to spend plenty of time with my baby boy.

Today will be the first day that he goes to day care! I am nervous but only a little because Scott's best friend's Mom will be doing his daycare. She also watched Scott when he was little so he grew up with her son, Vince. Vince and Scott are still best friends and he was Scott's best man and Scott was his best man. Vince and his wife are expecting a baby boy in March so hopefully they will get to grow up together and be just as close!

The worst part about this whole thing is that on days like today I will drop him off at 12:30 and I won't see him until 8 because Scott will pick him up and I will go straight from work to class. Luckily my schedule every week won't be exactly the same so hopefully I will be able to avoid days like today.

Wish me luck!!