Monday, March 30, 2009


Today I will..

go to the grocery store
purchase new rugs and a tablecloth or placemats for the kitchen table
write a paper for class tonight
do laundry.. lots of laundry
tape the nursery for the last coat of paint
clean the bathrooms
dust the bedroom and family room
dishes/clean counters
and go to class

not necessarily in that order.. but non the less a busy day


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Little Things

I hate surprises. I like nothing more than to be "in the know".

However, since dating the husband I have learned to truly appreciate the little things.

Like him buying me (with out me asking)Twilight on Blu-Ray even though this means he will have to watch it in the living room with me

And then proceeding to make me blueberry muffins at 11pm last night because he knows how much I love them in the morning.

He should win an award =)

Monday, March 23, 2009

new baby doc

Today, I had my first appt with my new baby dr (OB). It went suprisingly well. While the office does not play hip music like my old one.. everyone was nice and the fact that it is only 5 minutes from my house is just lovely. I will miss Dr. L however because lets be real he is the reason behind my blogging and is quite possibly the coolest dr. ever. period.

side note: changing your last name is the biggest hassle ever (especially when you are at the in between stage of having your name changed on some stuff and not others).

side note 2: Baby Boy Blue is OUT. Look for pictures this week of what we have switched to for the nursery :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Baby Boy Blue

Now that wedding is over.. and I have gotten a lot of destination wedding stuff out of my house. (I will eventually work on what to do with the stuff from my wedding that i actually had) This is more fun though!

Scott and I have started working on the nursery!!! So excited!! It will be a nautical ish theme.. with this beddingWe are still deciding on furniture. It will be a dark wood color most likely. The room has wood floors. We had decided to paint the room a half and half deal with navy on the bottom and dark creme on the top.. then add a chair rail in the same color of furniture. However since then I have realized that all the trim in the room is white aka it will look stupid if we have a dark wood chair rail. So I think we will add the chair rail in white and then paint the creme top half baby boy blue. I had never wanted to paint baby Ethan's room baby boy blue. I really wanted it to be green but then I fell in love with this bedding and there isn't much green in it. Not to mention Scott says the green that baby boy stuff is = duck sh*t green.. ridiculous And But I think that is the best option. He will love it and it will be fabulous.. That is me thinking positive thoughts!!

It doesn't matter too terribly much because in other news...

WE ARE GOING TO START BUILDING OUR NEW HOUSE THIS YEAR!!!! our perc test got rescheduled and Scott is working on drawing out our dream house now. I can't freaking wait!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Destination Wedding Items For Sale

When I found out I was pregnant in October I put the big STOP sign on planning my dream destination wedding.. considering my due date and wedding date were only 2 weeks apart. In any case I have a ton of items that I had bought that now are just cluttering up our house as we make room for baby.

I wanted to open it up to all of my BDW forum ladies first and I thought this was the easiest way to show it all. All item prices are negotiable and do not include shipping. I am willing to split quanities as long as I am not left with just 1 or 2.. my email is or you can PM me on BDW (09bride)
So here goes...
*SOLD*35 Rafia Fans from Oriental Trading-they still have the original tags on them as I never did anything with them.. I had ordered more but I threw away the ones that were really small or discolored. $18.00 for all OBO*SOLD*

*spoken for*7 table tiki torches from Oreintal Trading.. I already pulled off the shells that they had put on them and was going to make them all like the one in the top of the pic.. the ribbon and starfish can be easily removed. $10 for all OBO*spoken for*

*spoken for*8 normal sized sand buckets with shovels attached

3 orange, 2 green, 2 blue, 1 red.. $4 for all OBO*spoken for*

1 large bag of assorted shells $5

*spoken for*1 small bag of starfish (3 blue rest normal color) $2*spoken for*


7 Loofahs.. 2 yellow, 2 purple, 1 blue, 1 pink, 1 lime $4 for all OBO

*SOLD*13 Ms. Manicure Mini Sets.. each has a nail file and nail clippers- $12 OBO *SOLD*

*SOLD*25 (42) Peice First Aid Kits in plain white boxes $15 OBO*SOLD*

*SOLD*Travel Sized Spiral Sudoku Books (about 5in x 3in)

7 orange, 6 blue, 4 purple, 8 green = 25 total, $15*SOLD*

*SOLD*2 packs of 7 each chap stick (beach themed with flip flips etc on them) $8 for both OBO *SOLD*

*SOLD*14 bottles of Copportone Sport SPF 30 Sunblock 1 oz each $8 OBO*SOLD*

*SOLD*24 packs of playing cards $12 for all OBO*SOLD*


Assorted mini notebooks w/ pens .. all still in wrapper.

and I'm back..

So my wedding took over my life.. in an extreme manner.. Everything went so well though.. almost with out a hitch!

I mean besides rude people that don't r.s.v.p or even worse.. r.s.v.p. then don't show up (RIDICULOUS!)

and I might have forgotten to order my favors and had a small.. (okay large) breakdown the thursday before the wedding. Usually this wouldn't be a big deal just go buy some right? Well these were the favors that I had picked out in JUNE when we first got engaged. They were the FIRST thing I picked out for our wedding.. Needless to say future hubby had to save the day and he even told me that we could get married 647 more times and I could have my favors at everyone of them.. AND he would buy me a new ring everytime! the only catch was that I had to stop crying right at that moment..I won't make him do any of it but it made me laugh and made things all better.

all of our vendors were amazing.. and over all I am just happy to be married =) and is it bad to say I'm happy its over?!

I already wrote all of my thank you notes!! woo hoo.. I promised myself I wouldn't blog until I had written them all.. so I'm pretty excited to be done with that too.

Today, I am off work and my project is to take pictures of all of my destination wedding stuff and all of my wedding stuff from my wedding that I didn't use.. (which might include two wedding dresses... oops) and eBay it up!

So I will leave you with one of the teaser pics from our amazing photographers @ Jax Photography.

P.S. Yes we took lots of pictures outside.. in Maryland.. in March..We could not have asked for better weather for the wedding.. it was amazing that the Monday before there was a blizzard and there was a foot of snow on the ground..but for our wedding 75 degrees

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

4 days

My MOH and one of my bridesmaids gets here tomorrow.. thank god! reinforcements needed!

Getting married in 4 days = no blogging till after the wedding.

4 DAYS!!!!!!!!! ahhhh