Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Monday I did..

purchase a new rug and welcome mat and placemats for the kitchen table CHECK
write a paper for class tonight CHECK
do laundry.. lots of laundry CHECK
clean the bathrooms CHECK
dust the bedroom and family room CHECK
dishes/clean counters CHECK
shower CHECK
and go to class. (class canceled not my fault!)

I didn't go to the grocery store.. but thats okay because me and the mister will be in CLEMSON day after tomorrow! So we will just eat what we have til then. And I didn't tape the nursery cuz hubby said he would handle it. Our house in clean though and I love it.

Clemson anytime makes me happy.. but esp. in the spring with all my fab sorority sisters. and who doesn't love a good baby shower! So many little things for baby Ethan who is so excited to see all his aunts =)

so much to look forward to this weekend- I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!

SIDE NOTE: April Fool's Day is stupid. Today on the way to work I got myself all riled up because I thought one of my favorite radio stations had screwed up royally and played an inappropriate and unacceptable april fools day joke. However the joke was on me because they were all really playing a joke on their boss by having callers call in and complain. I thought I was going to have to stop listening out of principal!

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