Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There are many many reasons I love my SUV. I won't list them all for you but it is pretty safe to say that I will never have another car.

However today, I am driving my moms sweet BMW. Because my lovely Jeepy had to have some service done (covered under warranty thank god). But being 5'7'' and prego.. getting in and out of this car is hard! I just kinda fall in and out of my Jeepy. I have to seriously work to get out of this car with the baby bump.

So while I look extra hip and sporty in the the luxurious 2 door. I will stick to my more functional SUV.

and mom since I know you read this I am not hating.. your car is perfect for you! and you will look like a super hip grandma once Ethan is here! Love you!!

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