Thursday, August 27, 2009

Burritos, Nipples, and Running

So yesterday I ventured out to get a few things.. cereal nipples for my little one and new running shoes were on the top of my list..

as was having lunch with my mom here:

But shhhh don't tell my loving husband because he gets mad everytime I eat there with out him..

Which brings me to my next point.. my little man (who is almost 2 months ahh!) eats like a horse/pig/gorilla.. any of the above work.. so his pediatrician has suggested we add rice cereal to his formula.. we tried this before and this results were not pretty. I will spare you the details. However we have since added a new bottle to our collection (mostly because Ethan is not at all picky when it comes to eating and because I liked them) BUT they don't make nipples for thicker liquids (such as rice cereal added to formula) so I bought fast flow ones and I am going to make the hole bigger myself.. please pray that this does not lead to me spilling formula all over my child or him turning into the fat kid at school in a few years

Wow my life is so exciting..

anyway.. If you have read this far you should also know that my doctor cleared me to return to normal activity after my horrible delivery c-section. So I decided it was time for me to shed the rest of this baby weight and the extra weight I had before getting pregnant and get back into my running routine. So I bought some new running shoes because my old ones don't fit quite right after having a baby.. people said my feet would grow at least 1/2 a size. They were wrong they are still the same size I just think they are a tad wider so my narrow nike shox were not working for me. Back in the day I didn't sweat when I spent over $100 dollars on running shoes.. however now with the 3 B's.. Bills, Baby, and Building a new house (not to be confused with the 5 B's of recruitment all my fellow sorostitutes -- Bibles, Boys, Booze, Bucks, Brands) I was on the search for yet another "B" a bargain..

3 stores later and just over $40 dollars later I came home with some black/pink/gray/white Sauconys. They are way comfy and equally as cute as my other much more expensive shoes.

How did my run go you ask?

I ran a mile. ONE mile. and I thought I was going to die. So did my running partner, my pup Jackson.


  1. Jen! I love the blog... Also, keep running! I started back up again a few months ago, (after taking a 2 1/2 year hiatus after high school haha), and I DIED the first time too... ease back into it, you'll feel so refreshed and energized.

    Your baby is absolutely precious. I'm glad things are going so well! I'm visiting Clemson next weekend. Let me know if you have messages for any remaining sisters haha. Good luck finding those "B"s!


  2. baha cereal nipples. are you saying you feed him cereal through a bottle? that's fantastic. also i have been meaning to tell you how glad I am that you frequently update the pics of little guy because I think it's so cool how they change their little baby looks as they grow. LOVE LOVE.

  3. I hear you on the running. I used to be such a runner and now I'm such a lard-butt! Need to get a move on!