Saturday, January 30, 2010

I don't do... Children's Clothing with Characters Edition

You might remember my post about how I don't do cats and the many reasons why

In that post I promised to right about another thing that I don't do which is characters on childrens' clothing. Now let's just keep in mind that my baby is just about 7 months old.. so he still wears what mommy tells him. But I just do not do character clothing. I can't! and I won't! My inner fashionista will not allow it! In the next few years I am sure we will do battle over Handy Manny shoes or a Backyardigans shirt. But fear not Mommy's of the world. I have a compromise. He can wear any sort of character pajamas and have any sort of character toys!

Don't get me wrong my son wears tons of cutesy clothes and I want him to be comfortable. So, I don't get him dressed up in button up shirts and ties everyday. He does not however need to have any cartoon characters faces plastered across is shirt.There are a few exceptions.. in Disney World he can character it up.. if we were going to a Go Deigo Go! show -- of course he can get/wear a shirt.

Lets just be honest. Baby E looks much cuter in preppy clothes from places like the Children's Place or Old Navy or Carter's which are perfect for us because I refuse to spend gazillions of dollars on his clothes since he only wears them once or twice  but I would be lying if I said he didn't have some fabulous customized clothing like Christmas overalls with his name on them or some pricier brands like Ralph Lauren..

Because WHO can resist a 2 week old baby in a Ralph Lauren one piece outfit!


  1. That is too cute! And I think he will thank you later for nixing the character clothes hahaha.

  2. Character clothing has been a peeve of mine since childhood. So I think it is even STRANGER on adults. What IS that???