Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday- Favorite Things About Summer!

So I have been wanting to join this blog link up for a while now and even though I am a day late I am going to do it anyway because I am looking forward to summer big time! This Top 2 Tuesday is Favorite Things About Summer!

Mine are...

1. Being out on the boat!! Last summer I was pregnant/had a new born so I did no boat trips! I am going to order Ethan a little life vest and I bet he will love to be on the water! And oh yea, since I am no longer with child I will definitely be enjoying some tubing!
2. Time with Ethan and his FIRST BIRTHDAY (and party) because during the summer, school will be out I will get to cut back my hours and spend more time doing fun things with this little ball of energy. His birthday party is SURE to be quite the extravaganza. I mean you only turn 1 once!! I am thinking of a sailboat theme with red navy light blue and white. But not totally decided yet. More to come on that!

What are your favorite things about summer? Head on over to Taylor's blog to link up! =)


  1. your child gets cuter every single day, I swear.

  2. bwaha i think that should say EVEN cuter, btw.

  3. Gosh, I love everything about summer! Such a cute little boy you have =)