Monday, March 16, 2009

and I'm back..

So my wedding took over my life.. in an extreme manner.. Everything went so well though.. almost with out a hitch!

I mean besides rude people that don't r.s.v.p or even worse.. r.s.v.p. then don't show up (RIDICULOUS!)

and I might have forgotten to order my favors and had a small.. (okay large) breakdown the thursday before the wedding. Usually this wouldn't be a big deal just go buy some right? Well these were the favors that I had picked out in JUNE when we first got engaged. They were the FIRST thing I picked out for our wedding.. Needless to say future hubby had to save the day and he even told me that we could get married 647 more times and I could have my favors at everyone of them.. AND he would buy me a new ring everytime! the only catch was that I had to stop crying right at that moment..I won't make him do any of it but it made me laugh and made things all better.

all of our vendors were amazing.. and over all I am just happy to be married =) and is it bad to say I'm happy its over?!

I already wrote all of my thank you notes!! woo hoo.. I promised myself I wouldn't blog until I had written them all.. so I'm pretty excited to be done with that too.

Today, I am off work and my project is to take pictures of all of my destination wedding stuff and all of my wedding stuff from my wedding that I didn't use.. (which might include two wedding dresses... oops) and eBay it up!

So I will leave you with one of the teaser pics from our amazing photographers @ Jax Photography.

P.S. Yes we took lots of pictures outside.. in Maryland.. in March..We could not have asked for better weather for the wedding.. it was amazing that the Monday before there was a blizzard and there was a foot of snow on the ground..but for our wedding 75 degrees


  1. Glad things have calmed down....the pic is beautiful, can't wait to see them all! love you!

  2. yaaaay I just signed up to be emailed when the Legit pics are here. So psyched!