Thursday, June 4, 2009

True Life: My husband bets on Nerds

No friends that is not a typo.

My husband in all his glory had friends over to place bets on the National Spelling Bee. You had to pay $10 per nerd and he even printed out their biographies for everyone to make the most informed decision possible.

Now, it doesnt sound that bad in theory.. in fact I would say it was even fun. However, my nerd went out very early! and he was apparently one of the favorites to win!! (yes, I am bitter)

It got bad when everyone started trash talking each others nerds. (Since mine went out so early I obvi didnt participate). How exactly does one trash talk spelling bee contestants you ask?

Let's just say it all began with "Your nerd can't even spell nerd". and concluded with a complete analyzation of non verbal behavior. "Did you see the look on her face?! she totally knows that sh!t"

Ridiculous? Yes. Fun? I am almost ashamed to admit that it was.

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