Friday, June 12, 2009

Train wreck

So last night I went to the Taylor Swift (love her!!) concert with some peoples.

First of all way too many people told me I looked like I was going to pop.. thanks people.. im 9 months pregnant.. what do you expect? One lady went so far as to tell me she is NOT delivering my baby here at this concert.. lady.. news flash.. i didnt ask you to nor do I want you to..

Second of all.. there were way too many 11-13 year old girls wearing shorts like these:

Praise the Lord that I am having a boy.. but lets be serious if I ever have a girl there is no way they go out of the house looking like a fashion disaster. Or that their daddy lets them go out of the house with cheek showing.

On a nicer note Taylor Swift puts on a majorly good show! She sounds so good live! despite it being a muddy mess it was still a lot of fun!!

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