Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Monopoly! and prego update!

Last night June 1, 2009 I beat my husband in monopoly and I didn't even cheat!

and I am a major loser for annoucing this to the world.. but he always beats me at everything!

In other news... I had my maternity pics taken this weekend by my friend Jenna from high school. It was so good to see and to catch up with her! She took some amazing pictures too (I got a sneak peak) and although I feel like a beached whale lately I will post some soonly!

Speaking of all things prego.. Ethan's nursery is done! and I just have another load of laundry to do for him and I have to pack for the hospital. which my doctor told me to do 2 weeks ago. ooops. Now that its June we are in the serious downhill slide!

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