Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday was Saturday. I personally am not a huge fan of birthdays.. mostly because I don't like surprises and I am not good at faking things that I don't like.

Husband and I actually fought quite a bit over this said birthday. We are saving money so we can get a bunch of new furniture for our new house.. so I really didn't want a big to-do. He finally realized that I was serious and didn't make a big deal out of it.

I did get to get a pedicure with my mom (a true treat when you have a 3 month old) and hubby planned and all day date for us. and he got me an Oreo Pie from Brusters (aka heaven!!) So all in all the big 2-4 wasn't bad at all. and I got lots of gift cards so I didn't have to do the fake smile and pretend I liked gifts that I really didn't

In other thoughts..

bad news first: I will be starting weight watchers this week to kick this baby weight in the a** big time
good news: Ethan's 3 month pics are this week so expect some cuteness from my baby boy
good news x2: Girl weekend this weekend with Nellie (Scott's sister), Jessie, and Jenny (Scott's cousins) woo hoo!! I am so lucky to have married into a family that I L-O-V-E! =)

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