Thursday, October 1, 2009


October brings lots of exciting things this year!! (and most years!)
In honor of one of my favorite months I have Halloweened out my blog! What do you think??

Things I LOVE about this month:
  • My Birthday (10/10 easy to remember so don't forget!)
  • My mom and both of my sister-in-laws birthdays
  • My baby boy will be 3 months old! -- thats 1/4 of a year!
  • More Clemson and Giants football
Which brings me to something really exciting!! The day after tomorrow many of my favorite girls from Clemson will be in Maryland for the Clemson vs MD game and mucho tailgating and catching up and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeekkkk!

back to my list..

  • Cool fall air and the clothing it brings (sweaters and boots!)
  • Ethan's first Halloween!!!!
Which brings me to something else! I cannot for the life of my decide what he should be.. his first Halloween is a big deal!! We were thinking maybe a dinosaur since we call him Stink-a-sorous. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

back to my list again..

  • Candy Corn, Pumpkins, & Halloween decorations
  • Heck, Halloween in general!
Ahhhhh, life is good. In other news..

A fab sorority sister of mine mentioned Thankful Thursdays in her blog.. and I love the idea especially in honor of fall.. so..

I am so THANKFUL that it looks like we will be in our brand new house that is OUR's by Christmas! Homeownership feels so good and we havent even finished signing on the dotted line yet!

What do you love about October/fall?


  1. Thanks first of all for the Thankful Thursday shout out!! Also, please please check out my blog post about the halloween costumes I found at walmart so your baby boy can do my heart some good by dressing up as the adorable lawn gnome! Too cute :)

  2. please please please make him be a pea pod. I think it is the classiest baby costume ever.