Wednesday, October 21, 2009

holy chicken

So I am making dinner.. and yes I make dinner at 12:51pm because when you have a baby boy that requires much of this SAHM (stay at home moms) attention and a HUGE test in your graduate school class tonight.. and a husband that is hungry for dinner as soon as he gets home from work at approximately 3:30pm that is what you do..

anyway.. I am trimming chicken breast when I pull out of the package no joke the biggest peice chicken you have ever seen. And I think to myself did I buy a whole chicken? are there 2 peices stuck together? no and no. This chicken breast is no joke the size of my baby when he was first born (9lbs to be exact) and all I can think of is the fact that my husband said OMG babe he is huge! as the first words when he saw our beautiful newborn son. because that is exactly what I thought when I saw this piece of chicken.

And ok.. it was a joke the peice of chicken really wasn't 9 lbs. that would probably be a world record though.


  1. Hey Gamma Phi Sister! Loved your comment on my post! Maybe it IS a Gamma Phi thing. :)

  2. Woohoo, I just found you thru Newlywed Next Door. i love finding other Gamma Phis on Blogger! in IIKE!