Thursday, February 12, 2009

Unwanted Advice

So this morning I stopped at Wawa. I often do this in the mornings to get a beverage on my way into work. My newest kick is Strawberry Milk. Now don't knock it till you have tried it but as an avid strawberry milk drinker for many years I must tell you that the Nestle kind is the best. The bottle yellow and has a bunny on it. Okay to the point..

So I am in line.. and the lady in front of me turns around and says... "OHHHHH you're pregnant" My first thought is.. No shit Sherlock. What gave it away? my elastic pants or the fact that it looks like I have a small melon in my shirt?. But I smiled and told her I was indeed pregnant. Well I would have lied if I would have known what was coming to me. ::crazy lady steps on to soap box here:: and launches into a full fledged speech on cloth diapers. If you dont know about the great cloth diaper vs. disposable diaper debate you can learn more about it here. Now I am not knocking anyone that uses cloth diapers. AND I am all about saving the enviornment however this lady was off her rocker. She paid for her stuff while blabbing.. waitedfor me to pay for my stuff while blabbing.. and then.. followed me to my car where she proceeded to not only continue blabbing but also write down her name and phone number for me if I have any questions.

While I probably wasn't going to use cloth diapers anyway..I am definetly not going to use them now. All thanks to you crazy cloth diaper woman.


  1. This right here is why I love you!
    Love BFF!

  2. scary... why do people think if you are pregnant they have a license to give you unasked for advice?

  3. be aware my hubby and I are envious that you have Wawa in close proximity, how fortunate you are!

  4. I miss your blogs? of course its your Mom stalking you