Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Giving Wedding Gifts.. for my wedding?

There are things in this world that I just do not understand. Like why people get in the left lane and then go 15 miles under the speed limit. Or why anyone ever thought spandex were a good idea. But I am currently thinking about all of the extra-ness I have to give out for my own wedding. First of all there is all the tipping.. Caterers, Bartenders, Florists, Officiant, Cake Lady, DJ.. etc etc etc.. Now don't get me wrong. I am not cheap nor is my wedding a cheap affair but seriously I'm already paying thousands of dollars for your services and you want another 20% additional on top of that. You could have just added it in as a service charge and I probably would have never noticed. If you do an expectational good job I have ZERO problem tipping you. However the problem comes when it is expected. What if you service is shitty? Should I still tip you? HELL NO! I will make up my little pre-labeled envelopes with monies in them before the wedding but if you suck SO SORRY! that money will stay in my hot little hand.

Whatever tradition Whatever etiquette. Lets be real here. I am getting married while pregnant.. screw tradition and etiquette.

I do like giving my bridesmaids gifts though. Because they do help a lot. And anyone that has to deal with my hormonal ass through out this process deserves a gift. So I might have gone overboard on those.. a tad.. surprise surprise. However Scott's groomsmen (minus Vince) don't deserve anything.. because they don't do anything. I wish it was like Christmas and you could just give them a bag of coal. On top of the fact that they don't do anything but rent a tux (which was like pulling teeth) and stand up there next to him on the big day.. they are hard to buy for. Which in the end makes me even more pissed about buying them anything at all.

As for parents.. they deserve something. I don't know what but something. I mean my parents have to not only put up with me through the whole thing but also shell out the big $$$ for this whole extravaganza. I am very appreciative and i love them dearly however a handkerchief that says "Dad- To remember the day you gave me away" or "Mom- to dry your tears as you have always dried mine" just does not cut it.
So with the wedding count down at 18 days.. I will continue to look for a gift that expresses my gratitude.. and I probably won't find it..


  1. i'm stuck on what to give our parents too! : /

  2. well, our parents did not seem to upset that we did not give them anything. In fact, when they came to our party, they left Ohio and Delaware to spend time in Florida... I think we actually did give them something on second thought.

    also, we basically eloped and then had the reception a year later, so, kind of avoided that whole traditional wedding thing...

    I am glad I went that route now... just do whatever works, keep it simple... it seemed the more I planned the worse the stress got and I am so glad we actually got married on our own and then said vows with friends and fam there a year later.

    congrats on your upcoming marriage and baby!!!