Thursday, February 12, 2009

About Me

Let's see here.
I'm 23. Engaged (getting married in 3 weeks). Pregnant (having a baby BOY due July 1). Clemson University Graduate (B.A. in Communications)Working Full Time (Director of Marketing). In Graduate School Part Time (getting my M.A.T). Living in Southern MD (country suburbia USA). Living with my Fiance (and our Dog Jackson).

A Few Things I Love: nail dates with my mom, shopping, Bed Bath & Beyond, Clemson EVERYTHING, NY Giants, Margaritas, Naps, TV, Target, J.Crew, Gamma Phi Beta, Family, Friends, and obviously Life!!

Here I hope to write about life as I finish preparing for my wedding, start to prepare for my baby boy.. and eventually life as a newlywed and mom. It is a very exciting time in my life. And I don't want to forget it.

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