Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day and Baby Update

I have gone back and forth through out my life about whether I have liked Valentine's Day or not. Of course a day reserved for love and blah blah is fabulous.. but when your single it sucks. I haven't been single for Valentine's Day in many years.. I was always at least dating someone. But I think it gives the men of the world an excuse. It is like a special day where they say "Hey I have screwed up a lot but here are some roses because that's what I'm suppose to do today". Sort of a get out of jail free card. That or if they are really stupid they just ignore the day all together and then they wind up in the dog house again. Now for the men out there that are extra sweet and plan lovely dates for their significant others. I applaud you. But I would give you a standing ovation if you did this on a random day out of the year. Not her birthday or valentines day. And I promise your significant other would appreciate it a lot more too.

Scott knows my feelings on Valentine's Day. And he knows that I would rather get flowers on a random day because he was thinking of me and not because it is the 14th of February. So tomorrow to celebrate we are going to meet with our wedding officiant (wedding in 3 weeks AHH!) have lunch, register for baby gifts and probably buy some things for our baby BOY!. We just found out on Wednesday that it is a boy.. when all along I thought it was a girl. But so far so good he is healthy and he was an exhibitionist and showed his stuff for all the world to see.
The ultrasound tech said she doesn't like to say 100% but shes gonna go with 99.9% sure. Looks like a boy to me! We couldn't be more excited. And neither could our families and friends for that matter. We have not decided on a name yet. But one thing is for sure this baby boy will be well dressed! Scott's cousin Jenny has already made the first shopping trip. And among other things we know our child has his first pair of deck shoes.Cute?! yes! I love them! and they are size 0-3 months and perfect for summer even though the little man won't be able to hold his head up much less walk but he will still look stylish. Obviously.

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