Friday, February 27, 2009

Hockey or Soccer?

So I haven't written this week and there is a good reason. I wish I could say that it is because I have been so busy doing last minute preparations for my wedding that is eight that's right, e-i-g-h-t days away. However, that is not the case. I am however feeling very overwhelmed with all there is to do for the wedding. More on that later.

So Tuesday, I am driving home from work when I start to get this pain in my side/belly/back area. Not totally unusual.. I mean I do have another human in there. So I get out of the car at one of my favorite shops. J Pink and Company to pick up somethings I had ordered for my bridesmaids. I do a little bend and stretch hoping that the pain will go away. As I am in the store the pain seems to get worse. But again I'm tough so I can handle it right? I walk back out to the car and call my mom (who was a nurse for 25+ years) and ask her what the hell it could be.. she made sure it wasn't contractions but thinks that I need to go have it checked out anyway. Well at this point I am in tears it hurts so bad. So I call my lovely FH (future hubby) and he tells me to pull over and that he will come get me. This is of course after I freak out on the phone with him. And he takes me to the ER.. NOTE: the ER in the county where we work not the county where we live. I get taken back pretty quickly (by ER standards) but they put me in a pyschiatric room with nothing in the room but a bed because they are so busy. I then sit there.. and sit there and sit there.. in PAIN.. and i mean PAIN.. I have a high pain tolerance but this crap was outta control. It took about 2.5 hours before the nurse told me that they were going to transfer me to OB so they could monitor the baby. 15 minutes later the ER doctor came and saw me and asked me a billion questions and then left telling me that he was going to order me some tests. Lovely. What happened to transfering me to OB?

Well another nurse came to see me (there was a shift change) and started by making me pee in a cup and drawing all this blood and IVing me and what not.. then yet ANOTHER nurse comes in and tells her to stop because she is there to take me for a sonogram and then take me to OB so they can monitor the baby. Then they get into a small fued about why I wasn't taken to OB right way instead of the ER. Well at this point FH is PISSED and i mean PISSED. So hes says something along the lines of "maybe we should stop talking about montioring the baby and leave to go monitor the baby since we have been here for 4 hours and all they keep talking about is monitoring the baby but no one is doing anything about it" mind you he had said some other choice words to nurses and doctors through out our time hanging in the pysch room. but no need to get into all that.

So they finally move me to have the sonogram.. now the ultra sound tech.. she is AWESOME. she scopes the baby all out and Ethan was in there chillin.. (he is still 100% boy by the way) but the baby is totally fine. She then scans my kidneys and bladder and other random organs to see what is causing this pain.. she said she doesn't see anything. and I will reiterate Keep in mind that she said.. she doesn't see ANYTHING. The nurse comes and gets me and takes me to OB (which is a pretty sweet little area) nice beds and tvs and all. She tells me that my urine came back and I have a bladder infection that could be spreading to my kidneys. Really a bladder infection? it doesnt hurt when I pee but whatevs.. I'm just wondering if this finally means they will give me some pain meds. No way! of course not! They give me some antibiotics through the IV and send me home telling me to follow up with my OB. WTF!?

So after a sleepless night because hello PAIN still serious PAIN. I get up first thing in the morning and call and get an appt with my OB. Now Dr. L is amazing. He may be hella far away but he is so great. So my mom comes and gets me (FH is at work) and takes me to see Dr. L. He after a large struggle gets my records from the hosptial.. and sees NO BLADDER OR KIDNEY INFECTION. He gets a urine sample.. and sure enough NO sign! He then examines me and comes to the conclusion that I have a fractured rib.. yes you read that correctly. A FRACTURED RIB. He asked me if I fell or anything (answer was no) so he comes to the conclusion that my son, Ethan Scott Tennyson, has kicked me so hard that it actually cracked my rib. While this is common in pregnancy.. its not common this early. I'm only 22 weeks!

So the real question is... will little Ethan play soccer or hockey?

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