Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back in the swing.. plus random thoughts

So we were on vacation for part of last week, the weekend and part of this week here..

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Vacationing with a 2.5 month old about wore me and the hubby out.. but it was great to see the family and hang out with them. I have pretty much needed a vacation from vacation but we are getting back into the swing now.

We have a busy weekend ahead because one of Scott's best friends from childhood is getting married. Scott is one of the groomsmen so we will be attending the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday as well as the wedding and reception on Saturday. Wedding season is almost over for us. I feel like we have been non stop at weddings since my best friend Amanda's in May of 2008. We don't have nearly as many on the agenda for 2010. Kinda happy kinda sad because I sure do love weddings.

We are switching from weddings to babies though (there have been a few along the way though.. including my favorite baby ever my Ethan!!) but one of my first friends in middle school Megan and her husband Aaron just had their baby Augie. And he is such a cutie!! I can't wait to catch up with her since we were pregnant for a lot of the time together.

We have more babies on the horizon because we will be welcoming 4 more before March. I can just not wait to meet Kylie Brianne (our first blood related niece!) As well as Jackson Colt, Landon William, and Blake Vincent!

As much as I love weddings I love babies even more and I can't wait to meet all these cuties and for Ethan to have even more playmates!

This post just went in a clearly different direction than I intended.. maybe I'm not back into the swing after all.. ha!

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