Tuesday, September 8, 2009

He went to Jared

True Life: My husband got my engagement ring at Jared "The Galleria of Jewelry.. so now when anyone asks me where it is from.. I get the oh so original comment "oooo He went to Jared."

Yes, yes he did.

WE also went to Jared to get our wedding bands

but I had to go to Jared last week because for some unknown reason Scott's ring was pretty much falling apart. NOT okay.. especially considering the amount of $$$ paid for it. His ring has 2 thin yellow gold bands on it and one of them was popping off. It obviously has nothing to do with how rough he is on it and the fact that he never takes it off (which I guess I should be happy about ha!)

Anyway, I had to get my inspections done on the diamonds in my rings anyway in order for our warranty and insurance to stay in effect for them. So I dropped all 3 off.. Scott told me not to cause a scene he knows me too well most likely because I was NOT going to pay for the repairs on his ring.

No argument or scene causing necessary.. When I went to get our rings back.. They did not ask me to pay 1 cent and our rings seriously looked BRAND NEW. Ah-mazing!

So I must say that I recommend Jared for any of your jewelery purchases.. especially any of you men out there that might be thinking about a special jewelry purchase for the lucky lady in your life. Mostly because in the last 2 years we have been to about 10 weddings.. and I wouldn't want that number to slack off in the next 2 years.

P.S. I did not get paid to write this they really do have beautiful jewelry and great customer service. But Jared people out there if you want to pay me to write some more nice things.. donations will be accepted.

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