Tuesday, September 15, 2009


If you happened to be in a certain Southern Maryland Target store today..

and you happened to hear a baby screaming bloody murder..

I will sadly admit.. It was my child..

I was THAT mom with the screaming child that I never wanted to be.. I hope that I get a pardon since he still a little baby (not even 3 months old)

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  1. Here's the thing: anyone who actually takes CARE of kids knows that they are not always "manageable". You def shouldn't worry about your kid being the screamer. Like every person in the Target wasn't a child at some point screaming in their mother's ear / in public places?

    I may or may not have been the kid who splayed herself out on the floor kicking demanding a new hair bow.

    You do your best and you don't apologize. Kids are kids. 3 month old babies are allowed to cry. It's practically their JOB.