Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So my dear husband and I have a system when it comes to getting up with the baby at night.

Before 4am: Me
After 4am: Him

Now some might think this is unfair since I have way more hours to cover. However he works and I don't. So thats a fair trade off in my book. Plus if it is after 4 he can feed him, change him, and put him back to bed.. then shower and go to work.. which allows me to get a few more hours of sleep.

This morning:

5am- Ethan wakes up-- Scott gets up
5-5:45- Ethan randomly screaming bloody murder
5:45- Jen gets up to see if she can help
5:46- S: can I help you?
J: just wanted to see if I could help?
S: I dont need help he is fine
E: *deafening screaming*
J: did you change his diaper? (seems obvious but often that is last on my sweet husbands list)
S: I said I don't need help
5:47- J turns around and walks back to the bed and puts pillow over her head
6- J hears S put E in crib. and thinks. He must be back to sleep
6:01- J hears E on baby monitor crying.. and shower running
6:02- J gets up and gets baby E

Nope he didn't need help at all.

Cue texting:
J: what was the deal with your big attitude this morning?
S: I was defending myself from the daggers you were shooting through my head with your eyes and body language
J: I didnt know that was possible.. sometimes we all need a little help with the baby, dear
S: There were definetely daggers. PS can you make sure the dog has food?

He sure does know how to change the subject.


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